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CNG Cylinders

Outline of CNG Cylinders for vehicle CNG(200 bar of Compressed Natural Gas) is composed of mainly Methane, CH4 from the gas field and oil field & CNG has merits of less pollutants(sulfide,Co2, N2 oxide compound etc.),and good starting at the low temperature which are almost same as existing Gasoline and Diesel etc. CNG have been used for vehicles as a fuel contained into cylinders.
Item Specification 20L ~ 152L(OD232 ~ OD406)
Stored Pressure 200 bar ~ 300 bar
Material 34CrMo4 or 30CrMo4
Usages Car, Truck, Bus etc. All kinds of Cars
Making Standard ISO 11439, ECE R 110, KGSAC412, KSBISO 11439